[PD] Transmittance #2 - telepresence online performance

Luka Prinčič // Nova deViator nova at deviator.si
Sat Dec 10 09:30:29 CET 2011

hi all,
just wanted to announce a live performance.

In this project we use primarily linux and GNU GPL software (Pure Data,
GEM, SuperCollider, Icecast, Ogg/Theora video) and hardware

Appologies for any cross posting.

Transmittance #2 - telepresence performance 
@ http://transmittance.si &
@ Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre, Ljubljana 
// 13. december 2011 @ 20:00 CET //

Online audience can watch and interact with the performance live using a
recent version of popular browser like Firefox or Chrome. No other
software is needed.

Transmittance explores collaboration which is local, global, networked
and broadcasted. It involves an artistic group of performers, visual
artists, musicians and computer programmers to research performative
possibilities of streaming, broadcasting and telepresence forging new
types of performance and audience. With focus on critical and
socially-aware artistic languages this work is based on asking
questions about body, self and society - opening non-dualistic

The project tries to rethink the notions of spectatorship and
spectacle, ways of watching and seeing and the audience as spectators
from the outside. In framework of free telepresence technologies it is
a quest to open new spaces of visibility for performance and new media
art and while critically deconstruct also actively bypass power
structures that have a hold on physical spaces of artistic
representation. Emphasis is made on creative use of free and open
source software and its impact on artistic process and collaboration. 

The project develops a specific method of improvised performance which
allows compositional freedom beside specific prepared scenes at the
same time and in the process collide different specifics of various
artistic media (performance art, expanded cinema, sound art, new media

Transmittance is a project proposed by Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič.

Transmittance_#2 is in collaboration with: Loup Abramovici, Boštjan
Božič, Maja Delak, Matija Ferlin, Jakob Leben, Ana Pečar, Luka Prinčič,
Maja Šorli, Igor Štromajer, Jelena Ždrale and Nataša Živković

Produced by: Emanat Institute, Ljubljana 
Coproduced by: Galerija Kapelica (Zavod K6/4), Tobacco 001 Cultural
Center (MGML), Ljubljana 
Financial support: Ministry for culture of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana 

Previous Transmittance phases:

Transmittance #1.5, Ljubljana/Graz [26/8 2011]
with Maja Delak, Luka Prinčič, ESC Gallery, Graz, Reni Hofmueler and
"mur.sat" project // organized by Emanat Institute, ESC Gallery Graz

Transmittance #1 Pula,.hr [27/5 2011]
with Marko Bolković, Maja Delak, Matija Ferlin, Luka Prinčič,
Messmatik, Rea Korani, Mauricio Ferlin, Marcel Mars/Nenad Romič //
executive production by: Egle Vošten // produced and organized by:
Polis Jadran Europa Pula, Emanat Institute Ljubljana // financially
supported by: Ministry of Culture Croatia, Municipality of Pula,
Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality of Ljubljana // supported by:
Region of Istria, Tourism Office Pula

Transmittance #0, Teatro Petrella, Longiano, Italy [19/12 2010]
Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič (Wanda & Nova deViator) // preparation of the
tools / open rehearsal // with Adele Cacciagrano, Tihana Maravic,
Silvia Mei, Fabrizio Zanuccoli // program VIA DEL CONFINE, The East
Side (of the moon) // curator: Nhandan Chirco // organized by: YANVII,
Rad'Art Project/Artéco, Teatro Petrella, Emanat Institute

Dirty Dozen BodyLab, Berlin, Ljubljana [28/8 2010]
Luka Prinčič & Maja Delak - research of streamed interactive performance
by invitation of Kathleen Reynolds (Berlin team: Michel Abdoul / Pascal
Baes / Joao Costa / Awatef Fettar / Oscar Garcia / Dusan Pejcic / Kiril
Bikov / Kathleen Reynolds / Aï Suzsuki / Gill Viandier / Raphaël
Vincent / Vero Mota)

http://transmittance.si  || http://emanat.si
http://wndv.si || http://skylined.org

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