[PD] pvoc~ / classic vocoder

Eran Sachs eran at mx.kein.org
Sat Dec 10 10:02:53 CET 2011

that will be great - looking forward.

pvoc~ is part of Eric Lyon's FFTease lib, along with a number of other
nice phase vocoder objects like harmonizer, spectral compander and the
very awesome spectral wrap.

HAve fun,

> Hi, I've seen around this listed in a few pages as a pd object
> pvoc~ an additive synthesis phase vocoder
> is it out there somewhere for real?
> cant find it.
> Oh, by the way. is there some Classic old school frequency band vocoder
> implemented as a Pd patch somewhere around? I dont mean miller's "timbre
> stamp" example, or a few objects I've seen, or the bark spectrum phase
> vocoder from timbreID. Got it?
> ---------
> By the way, I'm preparing a new update on my tutorials I've been using on
> FFT workshops. Will put them out here soon. They started off in
> portuguese,
> but I've been converting them to english.
> Oh, and here's something ironic; this is a very cool Phase Vocoder
> tutorial
> as I pointed out
> http://cycling74.com/2006/11/02/the-phase-vocoder-–-part-i/ .
> It shows how to do it in polar and cartesian form, but I never tested
> their
> patches. So I got curious and downloaded max 6 demo to try them. The
> cartesian form actually doesn't seem to work well at all! And it is
> totally
> based on Miller's I07 example patch.
> Anyway, I did a polar version of the phase vocoder with [cartopol~] /
> [poltocar~] objetcs. It does look much simpler and easier to understand.
> So, I will put them out soon.
> Thanks
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