[PD] sending command lines with pd (windows)

Patrice Colet colet.patrice at free.fr
Wed Dec 14 15:17:31 CET 2011

hello, I'm trying to get rtsp streams that would be processed with pd.

 One simple solution is about using mplayer through command line from pd.

with popen:

I had to get an old popen external for doing this because the last release doesn't work on windows vista.

 The problem I'm getting is that I'd like to tell with pd message in [popen] to stop mplayer,
and then process the recorded stream, but I couldn't send anything with pd until mplayer haven't finished it's task.

I've tried to use "timeout" command, it only work by launching the script from cmd, but not from [popen].

with netsend:

So I tried use a cmd console to launch pdreceive for receiving the rtsp service number, and then launch mplayer
but I don't get the trick to do it, that's what I've been trying:

>pdreceive 5555 udp | myscript.bat

myscript.bat content:

start mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile ../stream/out.avi  rtsp://mysite.fr/tv/stream?namespace=1&service=%1&flavour=sd

Is there an external for streaming rtsp?

Colet Patrice

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