[PD] showing text or number in gem

Jack jack at rybn.org
Mon Dec 19 02:33:33 CET 2011

Le 19/12/2011 00:56, Max a écrit :
> Am 18.12.2011 um 14:32 schrieb Jack:
>> Le 17/12/2011 22:16, Max a écrit :
>>> Am 17.12.2011 um 13:39 schrieb Jack:
>>>> Here an other way to use texture as number.
>>>> But the Cyrille's solution with texunit and GLSL is simpler for the same result ;
>>> error: GEM: Someone sent a bogus pointer to copy2Image
>> This error means that an object tried to duplicate a non-existing image.
>> But I don't get this error here on : pd 0.42.6, Gem 0.93.git 3a12873 and Ubuntu 11.04.
> hi jack,
> i get this error (many times) with your patch on GEM: ver: 0.93.3, compiled: Nov 10 2011 running in 0.43.1 ext on OS 10.7
> also the font is not found.
> [text3d]: cannot find font-file '/path to/vera.ttf'
> if a font file is specified the patch works.
> m.

Hello Max,

Good to know that the problem about this 'bogus pointer' comme from the 
Yep, on Linux (I don't know on other OS)  you have to specify the path 
to your vera.ttf (by default) in file > path.
Me, it is in the /usr/share/fonts/truetype.
It is also posible to put this vera.ttf in the same folder than your patch.
Good night.


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