[PD] 0.43 on Ubuntu Lucid: GUI not right

rolf meesters rolfmeesters at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 22:33:35 CET 2011

i don't know if this is a bug or a misfit.
compiled latest 0.43 source on Ubuntu Lucid (Pentium 4).

a GEM patch works faultlesly.

with one audio patch, the GUI stays half finished,
soundwise the patch seems ok.
in the console there are red messages apparently from Tcl.
(attached pic1).
closing the patch generates  a new message over and over: x97fc258 no such

with another audio abstraction the GUI is correct, also all included
closing the patch generates again endlessly:x8483958 no such object.

a third patch: audio ok, no GUI at all.
it's not possible to change something in the console.
here again like in pic1:
Tcl UNHANDLED ERROR: wrong # args: should be "::pdwindow::logpost object_id
level message"

all patches are happy in 0.42.5 on W-XP
and on 0.43.1-2011103 on Windows 7.

bug or misfit?

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