[PD] porting vade shaders collection to Pd

Pierre-Olivier Boulant po.boulant at free.fr
Tue Dec 27 11:20:50 CET 2011


Marco, have a look at this thread you might find some stuff already 
being ported.


On 27/12/2011 10:36, Marco Donnarumma wrote:
> Hi all,
> while studying glsl (after attending Cyrille's workshop at the PdCon), 
> I'm porting Vade's collection of shaders [1] to Pd,
> and I only need to know I'm not reinventing the wheel.
> I'm creating a glsl-help-files lib, based on the [pix_shader] wrap by 
> Cyrille; adding ready made patches for diverse shaders and briefly 
> explaining while some work out of the box and some others not.
> It could be useful to have such documentation in Pd, as the glsl topic 
> is not covered in depth, or at least not enough for a noob in this 
> field as myself.
> I recall Marius was doing something similar, but I'm not sure how the 
> project ended up.
> [1] http://001.vade.info/?page_id=20

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