[PD] porting vade shaders collection to Pd

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Tue Dec 27 14:10:50 CET 2011

Le 27/12/2011 13:02, Guido Tamino a écrit :
> Hello,
> actually the [pix_shader] abstraction comes from a depth of field simulation I made with glsl/gem a while ago. Download link, documentation and demo video are available at the link below. If anyone wants to try it out, the depth of field patch is pretty self-explainatory and should work just out of the box.
> http://vimeo.com/30188933
> Before being swamped with work I was interested in porting Vade shaders and other glsl stuff to PD. I implemented his blur shaders (motion blur, zoom blur and fast blur) and they all seems to work fine but a lot of work has to be done before using them as solid generic effects.
> http://guidotamino.it/download/glslBlur.zip
> A couple months ago I opened a discussion with Cyrille on the theme but we were both too busy with work to fully dive into the subject.
since then, i made a "good" triangle blur shader to work with a modified version of guildo patch.
i commit everything as a gem example yesterday.

> In the meanwhile I played around with the optical flow experiments by the jitter community with nice results, a demo could be seen here:
> http://vimeo.com/30517302

> I'm definetely interested in developing a set of glsl wrappers to make the whole thing easier for a beginner. I am a beginner myself and I had some tough times trying to figure out things like how to multipass glsl effects or how to feed multiple textures to a shader. This kind of stuff is almost undocumented and needs a lot of trial and error in order to be understood.
there are few multipass example in gem.
I try to make 1 example for each technical possibility.
nothing is fully documented, but i think everything is documented.
at least, everything that i'm aware of. (i was also a glsl noob before making gem examples...)

do you think that more multipass example are needed?
or is it just that since it's complex, it need time to be fully understood?


> Best,
> Guido
> Il giorno 27/dic/2011, alle ore 11.22, philippe boisnard ha scritto:
>> Hello
>> We have worked in codelab french forum about that since one month :
>> I give you the first test-lib that I have created :
>> <a_shader-tr.zip>
>> [a_cons] is a usefull abstract to create box of variables.
>> 2 exemples with multipass of texture
>> http://t-pas-net.com/videos/test_multi_shad.mov
>> http://vimeo.com/33974266
>> Yet, I adapt GLSL. system of particules with pmpd.
>> http://t-pas-net.com/videos/fragGLSLtest5.mov
>> http://t-pas-net.com/videos/testGLSL_pmpd.flv
>> :-)
>> p
>> Le 27 déc. 2011 à 10:36, Marco Donnarumma a écrit :
>>> Hi all,
>>> while studying glsl (after attending Cyrille's workshop at the PdCon), I'm porting Vade's collection of shaders [1] to Pd,
>>> and I only need to know I'm not reinventing the wheel.
>>> I'm creating a glsl-help-files lib, based on the [pix_shader] wrap by Cyrille; adding ready made patches for diverse shaders and briefly explaining while some work out of the box and some others not.
>>> It could be useful to have such documentation in Pd, as the glsl topic is not covered in depth, or at least not enough for a noob in this field as myself.
>>> I recall Marius was doing something similar, but I'm not sure how the project ended up.
>>> [1] http://001.vade.info/?page_id=20
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