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Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
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For the few catches I do use, I don't do any follow-up simply because those have been proven (at least so far) not to cause any problems down the line so like I mentioned they were the few cases where it was easier to catch than to hunt for a way to check for their sanity.

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Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at yahoo.com> wrote:

Do you throw an error if catch catches something?



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>If you look through the pd-l2ork C code, which is by and large near identical (at least in its core) to pd vanilla (except for comments I added while studying the code) you will find a few places where mainly due to the way pd handles GOP it is easier to simply catch a tcl/tk command than go through all the trouble of making sure the call is sane. The rest of the code contains  a series of sanity checks I added and as such spews no tcl/tk warnings or errors. I suspect this would be trivial to merge with your code base.
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>Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca> wrote:
>Le 2011-12-26 à 14:33:00, Miller Puckette a écrit :
>>> I read the thread on the bug tracker.  It looks like this is an old bug
>>> that manifests itself worse in 0.43 because its error recovery for
>>> TCL commands coming from Pd isn't as good as 0.42 was.
>>What you need is not as much error recovery as error reporting. Do 
>>whatever is necessary so that future bug reports are easier to make. For 
>>example, when a Tcl command fails, print the command that directly caused 
>>that error, even when -d is set to 0.
>>> Unless someone knows how to make a tcl interpreter ignore errors when 
>>> executing scripts I don't know how to return to the more fail-soft 0.42 
>>> way.
>>Isn't that what the [catch] command already does ?
>>But if anything prevents an item from being created, this will necessarily 
more errors later, for any tcl command that assumes that the 
>>creation command worked.

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