[PD] pdx+bonk~

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Dec 28 04:22:54 CET 2011

Le 2011-12-28 à 03:02:00, Patrice Colet a écrit :

> d_math.c doesn't seem to be used anymore in pdx, the code is scattered 
> into extra/vanilla and half is missing into sqrt~.c, so it's quite hard 
> to see what's happening, but I'm giving a try, thanks for the tip.

Well, is d_math.c still compiled in pd-extended ? I bet that it is. (I 
haven't checked out the git version yet)

I bet that there are two copies of the same table, and at least one is not 
initialised, if not both, and [bonk~] calls the wrong functions with the 
wrong tables (if any table even happens to be right).

Miller's pd 43 has a [rsqrt~] that works fine, right ?

extra/vanilla exists so that you can run into that kind of trouble and 
spend time debugging it. I haven't seen any benefit yet.

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