[PD] questions about PD-extended 0.43 build on Mac (GUI-oriented)

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 05:40:28 CET 2011

hey folks, new PD user here, coming from Max 5 on a Mac and trying to
rewrite my patch in PD. i read about the new .43 branch builds of
pd-extended and how they had a few usability improvements over the older
branches. so far i've downloaded the 12/21 and 12/30 builds of pd-extended
for Mac. i'll have lots of questions but for now these will suffice:

1. is there a way to get the right click context menu for objects working
in .43 on the Mac? i read that a GUI plugin is responsible for this, but it
seems it should be included in this extended build.

2. also read about key bindings-VERY interested in this as i have some RSI
issues and shortcuts would be helpful for common tasks.

3. is there a way to edit GUI characteristics (global font size, key
bindings,etc) by changing some items in a config text file? i've read that
the rewrite uses Tcl/Tk but i'm not really a programmer though i can edit
and modify simple CSS or PHP scripts.

4. lastly - i know the 0.43 branch is considered experimental, but if
there's a relatively stable .43 Mac build somewhere that could be
recommended it would be appreciated. the Dec 21 build is OK though
right-clicking to get Properties or Help lags a lot.

thanks in advance,
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