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Hello, interesting thread indeed...

2012/1/4 Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca>

> Le 2012-01-03 à 21:47:00, Pagano, Patrick a écrit :
>  Here is btw another call about a Pd workshop BEK held back in 2005.
>> http://www.bek.no/projects/35-**visiblesoundaudibleimage?**locale=en<http://www.bek.no/projects/35-visiblesoundaudibleimage?locale=en>but that was 7 years ago...
> So, why don't you give more recent examples, to show some kind of
> continuity ? I know that in seven years, there can be a lot of change of
> personnel (and thus mentality) in an art centre... I mean, from my own
> personal experience (5200 km away from BEK).

The reason I put this was just because I wanted to see if they had anything
about Pure Data at all in BEK so I put
"Pure Data" in the search window on the main page at bek.no and that was
one of few entry that showed up in the search result. I didn´t spend much
time on that - antd didnt compare with other things thay might have done
with open source resources. Also agrees and knows institutions and arts
center changes with the staff involved.

Found this about the equipment/softwares in some studio of theirs - and
really they don´t seem to have Pd or other open source resources there:

Here is what they state under "sound" and "other":

Ableton Live
Logic Pro
Wave Editor
Wavelab *Other*
Photoshop CS5
Illustrator CS5
Indesign CS5
iShowU HD Pro
Max Msp Jitter

Also, preferably, something with more hours... that's 25 hours, probably
> minus food time, let's say 20 hours. That's better than most workshops, but
> there have been significantly longer ones.
>  In a way it would be cool to just send back this e-mail exchanges to the
>> call-makers? - so they see how stupid this call is - and anti-productive.
> Is it stupid or is it just a generous rebate plan from two software
> companies ? Just an honest question, no insinuations.
Well, I think so called marketing from software companies could maybe be
that aggresive (that they can have some specific deals with
people/institutions receiving generous discounts)... I don´t know about how
the discussion goes. It would be an interesting topic to lift up. Are there
huge rebate plans for instituions / schools / - and how are (generally) the
conditions to receive these?

Here in Sweden I know that Steinberg has rather hefty rebates of up to 50%
for students and academic institutions, but they don´t state any exclusive
conditions for the academic institutions. I think Digidesign (Avid) has
about the same deals. Institutions & associations that are not academic
might be another thing with...   (just raising perspectives, know nothing
about this really)

All the best,
Björn Eriksson
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