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Zitat von "Björn Eriksson" <miulew at gmail.com>:

> Yes, agrees Julien, it´s a position against free softwares. Probably a
> political position. (unconcious or not)
> anyway - (and I know it was 7 years ago)
> copypaste from BEK site what Derek and Sara brought up at BEK back in 2005
> at the Pd workshop:
> ***************************
> Workshop details:
> Day one
> 1) Introduction: Why PD & Why Free + Open Source Software?
> Our decision to use Pure Data has been motivated by several factors. First
> and foremost is the need for a modular environment where audio and video
> processing is possible without the intrusion of negative elements such as a
> predetermined Graphical User Environment, cross-platform issues and
> restrictive licenses. We will discuss these issues, and why it is more
> important than ever that artists take Free + Open Source Software seriously
> as tools for creative expression.
> ********************** end copypaste
> Maybe these issues are even more than ever ever important now 7 years later?
> Maybe someone from BEK should speak up and clearify a little around their
> politics on software uses? Maybe it´s not here in this thread "the
> revolution" starts but I think it is always necessary to go to the source
> of the problem and really try to find out what is going on. Not a very very
> big deal maybe, but clearly this keeps us many on the Pd list a bit
> emotional about the blogpost call they did put up. (and obviously some
> people already have had some exchanges with the call makers in Milan
> already, so maybe that is already "researched" well enough). It´s not about
> the conflictual situation, it is more about the understanding, as I see it.
> If they prefer at BEK or other institutions to NOT work with open
> softwares, then it is really well to just know that. As I see it.
> I don´t know any sociologists working on these issues. Google gives me the
> name of Yewin Lin as someone in this field. Here is a pdf adressing some of
> the issues http://www.ylin.org/sociology_FLOSS.pdf
> , and here is the website of her:  http://www.ylin.org/
> Surely this must be a rather big field - also with a lot of different
> perspectives on it - so would be cool if there is some more pointers
> someone has about these things.
> All the best,
> /Björn Eriksson
> On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 9:56 PM, APO33 <info at apo33.org> wrote:
>> The important point here, it's that it doesn't cost anything to put pd or
> supercollider on your mac or pc. you download it, install it and use it!
> here we go.
>> so why those places (institutions, festival...etc), people... decided to
> refuse art project that use free software (free and libre) or create
> facilities, studios...space for artists, musicians, students...etc that
> don't include those softwares? (specially in the case of BEK, there are
> 100% aware of the existence of those software as piksel & bek was one
> entity before).
>> it sound like a position against free software (more or less clear depend
> the people/institutions...).
>> Obviously there is different vision of the world, I dunno about
> revolution (not sure about that one either as sevy said) but it looks like
> that there is people out there that are pissed off of the free software
> (specially the freshly floss art community - around 5 to 8 years more or
> less) community excluding the artists and programmers from the proprietary
> software community (is there such community?) from their institutions(?),
> festivals, conferences...etc.
>> It could looks like a vendetta (unconscious?) related to some frustration
> of not being part of the BUZZ ;-) (trying to make a bigger one by refusing
> free software)...
>> Interesting threat indeed, many of you had heard already some max/msp
> users complaining of not being able to come and present their things in
> some of the festival/symposium/gig/conference...etc out there that promote
> free software...(strongly recommended?)
>> Do you know any sociologist working on some of those issues? sound like a
> very rich subject!!
>> cheers
>> Julien
>>> Hello, interesting thread indeed...
>>> 2012/1/4 Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca>
>>>> Le 2012-01-03 à 21:47:00, Pagano, Patrick a écrit :
>>>>  Here is btw another call about a Pd workshop BEK held back in 2005.
>>>>> http://www.bek.no/projects/35-**visiblesoundaudibleimage?**locale=en<
> http://www.bek.no/projects/35-visiblesoundaudibleimage?locale=en>but that
> was 7 years ago...
>>>> So, why don't you give more recent examples, to show some kind of
>>>> continuity ? I know that in seven years, there can be a lot of change of
>>>> personnel (and thus mentality) in an art centre... I mean, from my own
>>>> personal experience (5200 km away from BEK).
>>> The reason I put this was just because I wanted to see if they had
> anything
>>> about Pure Data at all in BEK so I put
>>> "Pure Data" in the search window on the main page at bek.no and that was
>>> one of few entry that showed up in the search result. I didn´t spend much
>>> time on that - antd didnt compare with other things thay might have done
>>> with open source resources. Also agrees and knows institutions and arts
>>> center changes with the staff involved.
>>> Found this about the equipment/softwares in some studio of theirs - and
>>> really they don´t seem to have Pd or other open source resources there:
>>> http://bek.no/pages/fascilities?locale=en
>>> Here is what they state under "sound" and "other":
>>>  *Sound*
>>> Ableton Live
>>> Amadeus
>>> Cubase
>>> Logic Pro
>>> Max4Live
>>> Soundbooth
>>> Wave Editor
>>> Wavelab *Other*
>>> Photoshop CS5
>>> Illustrator CS5
>>> Indesign CS5
>>> Compressor
>>> iShowU HD Pro
>>> Max Msp Jitter
>>> Also, preferably, something with more hours... that's 25 hours, probably
>>>> minus food time, let's say 20 hours. That's better than most workshops,
> but
>>>> there have been significantly longer ones.
>>>>  In a way it would be cool to just send back this e-mail exchanges to
> the
>>>>> call-makers? - so they see how stupid this call is - and
> anti-productive.
>>>> Is it stupid or is it just a generous rebate plan from two software
>>>> companies ? Just an honest question, no insinuations.
>>> Well, I think so called marketing from software companies could maybe be
>>> that aggresive (that they can have some specific deals with
>>> people/institutions receiving generous discounts)... I don´t know about
> how
>>> the discussion goes. It would be an interesting topic to lift up. Are
> there
>>> huge rebate plans for instituions / schools / - and how are (generally)
> the
>>> conditions to receive these?
>>> Here in Sweden I know that Steinberg has rather hefty rebates of up to
> 50%
>>> for students and academic institutions, but they don´t state any
> exclusive
>>> conditions for the academic institutions. I think Digidesign (Avid) has
>>> about the same deals. Institutions & associations that are not academic
>>> might be another thing with...   (just raising perspectives, know nothing
>>> about this really)
>>> All the best,
>>> Björn Eriksson
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