[PD] pix_freenect update

Matthias Kronlachner m.kronlachner at student.tugraz.at
Thu Jan 5 08:17:32 CET 2012

hi everybody!

i did a update to my pix_freenect external for kinect and moved it into 
a git repo.
get it here: http://github.com/kronihias/pix_freenect

ready to use binaries for osx (including libusb&libfreenect) are in the 
build folder.

major improvements:
*    open specific Kinect sensor by serial number, not only by id (that 
may change every time pd is restarted) -- useful for multiple Kinect 
* output registered depthmap -> rgb and depth images are aligned (less 
offset between those two pictures - depending on distance)
* output depthmap directly as millimeter values (16 bit in red & green 
*    resolution of rgb image can be set to 1280×1024

i also added a folder with examples - currently just one but i hope 
there will come more soon....

have fun.

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