[PD] no pd?? WTF ????

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2012/1/6 Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at yahoo.com>:
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>> Ha, I got a different reply earlier:
>> "We decied to avoid the use of Pd and SuperCollider
>> for internal and technical resons and unfortunately we cannot change our policy.
>> So please, if you are interested in the call, please send a more
>> pertinent question."
> I wonder what software would be good for quickly prototyping a solution to whatever technical problem prevents the use of Pd and Supercollider in a realtime DSP performance...

lack of tech support phone numbers?

Maybe they think they won't be able to set up the patches for their
review process and so opted only to accept patches for performances
they think they are confidently able to.  Otherwise, the technical
issues are between their ears--or in IT support speak, between the
chair and keyboard (BTCK).

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