[PD] removing semicolon from netsend

Rui Martins rui at varanda.org
Sat Jan 7 23:22:01 CET 2012

hello everybody, my name is Rui and I've been using PD on-and-off for a few years in my projects. This list has helped a lot of times just through search, but I think I'll need assistance on this one... I need to connect PD to another application via TCP/IP messages, which is trivial in itself. However, the receiving app does not interpret anything ending in ";", and PD doesn't accept escape characters. This application needs to receive messages ending either with carriage return, line break or CR/LF pairs. How do I remove this character in a way that is acceptable by netsend? I have been looking at character manipulation via pdmtl objects, but have no progress so far. Thanks in advance! 
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