[PD] no pd?? WTF ????

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On 06/01/12 23:11, Charles Henry wrote:
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>>> Ha, I got a different reply earlier:
>>> "We decied to avoid the use of Pd and SuperCollider
>>> for internal and technical resons and unfortunately we cannot change our policy.
>>> So please, if you are interested in the call, please send a more
>>> pertinent question."
>> I wonder what software would be good for quickly prototyping a solution to whatever technical problem prevents the use of Pd and Supercollider in a realtime DSP performance...
> lack of tech support phone numbers?
> Maybe they think they won't be able to set up the patches for their
> review process and so opted only to accept patches for performances
> they think they are confidently able to.  Otherwise, the technical
> issues are between their ears--or in IT support speak, between the
> chair and keyboard (BTCK).
I think they (and the panel) simply have no clue on how to use Pd or 
Supercollider. While I understand that I think it's no excuse, at least 
for Pd they could ask people to send "self-contained" patches with 
instructions, I mean the patch could be very complicated but have just a 
big bang a big toggle and some markers/counters for the performers.

That said -- I notice that on the previously sent link the 
mention to Pd and/or Supercollider seems to have been removed.

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