[PD] no pd?? WTF ????

ydegoyon at gmail.com ydegoyon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 18:10:54 CET 2012

> In fact, there's no "off", no "underground", no "revolution", no 
> "counter-revolution", no "anti...".
> but there's a place for the "off", it's the place for the "pushed and 
> oppressed" guys, they chose this place. But Offland is a part of the 
> Inland (we mustn't forget that...).

what is this confuse post-capitalism discourse?
i'm happy to read the confusion that has
been spread in youngster's minds...
but classes stilll exist
and some people will die of cold in the Outland, good!
( because all is an experience in life, blah blah blah )...
For you, we are all happy in a post-capitalist world.

( you are so post-post-post that you get back to primitivism )

the only thing that exists is counter-revolution and you hellp it, thank 


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