[PD] status of 123 - 125 (curly braces) keycodes?

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 09:16:29 CET 2012

hi folks-  being new to PD i just discovered this rather curious
inability to form any kind of message using a Curly brace -  { or  }.
luckily the GUI doesn't crash like before but it refuses to type the
characters. can someone update me on whether that will be addressed
anytime soon, or if not, explain how i could send a statement
containing these characters to udpsend via packOSC? i guess i don't
have to see them or print them but they at least have to be sent.

this is sort of important to anyone wanting to address dynamic
interface creation via JSON as shown by Charlie Roberts in this Max
MSP example:


Control is the completely open source variant of closed source
projects like TouchOSC and is much more extendable, as it's completely
based on HTML5, CSS and JSON. i'm currently in the process of porting
his demo patch of dynamic interface creation he made up to PD from

anyway if anyone has some answers i'd appreciate it - thanks in advance!


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