[PD] how to tidy up patches ? (?????? ????????)

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 03:12:50 CET 2012

> is there any option in PD to make complex patches look less messy ?

not really. What you have to do is be able to design the patches with
method, and think about it.

I personally don't see this as a restrain, or something serious we should
worry about in doing it. I can easily get lost when MAX's chords are not
just a straight line explicitly telling you where it's coming from and
going to. And hiding chords or patch bits can be a lot like throwing the
mess under the carpet.

A code in order to be really clean and tidy needs to be well organized,
rewritten, and just clear.

So, all you got is subpatches and send objects. Just do hundreds of
subpatches, it can be really good for making you have to think about
designing an organized patch, it may be better than being allowed to, lets
say, "cheat" and pretend is not messy.

but that's me...

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