[PD] GEM on PIII memory problem?

rolf meesters rolfmeesters at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 19:59:40 CET 2012

i have an installation with a number of PIII machines, where some picture
manipulation (2D) is done,
working nicely on Win-XP and Flash 8 (in 256 Mb).

now i'm trying to change from Flash to GEM.
the patch i made works perfect on a P4.

the PIII's don't have SSE2; therefore i rebuild Pd-ext 42.5 for Linux -
(Ubuntu Lucid).
however running the patch on the PIII still looks like impossible.
Pd/GEM just calls it quits, no message.

a basic picture consists of 16 pieces of 800 x 533 pixels, together forming
one of 3200 x 2133.

to create a full picture resized to 800 x 533 on a normal display,
i have 16 identical abstractions, for each piece one,
with a gemhead, a pix_texture, a resize, etc.

with 8 abstractions/pieces Pd/GEM stays alive, 9 is one too many.
memory problem?

using the Ubuntu system monitor:
bare system (with the monitor) ~290 Mb usage. (of 496MB)
starting Pdx console ~300-310 Mb.
loading/running the patch   ~335-355 MB.


on the opening of the patch GEM anounces 8 bits will be used,
where the onboard video-card has 24bits.

any help is appreciated.

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