[PD] Tooltips in Pd-extended 0.43 WAS: no pd?? WTF ????

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 20 04:26:08 CET 2012

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> Fixing <<Loaded>> is probably a bigger thing than I can manage for 
> the Pd-extended 0.43 release, but patches are welcome.  So the question of the 
> moment is: are the tooltips usable enough to leave them in? Do they cause any 
> problems? 
> .hc

Yes they are usable.  Problems are:

* aforementioned loadbanging problem with formatting the label correctly
* if you select an object, get a tooltip on it, then delete it before generating a <Leave> 
event, the tooltip will persist until you mouse over (and leave) some other object
* a little tricky to generate a outlet tooltip for iemgui outlets (small "hotspot" area for some reason)
* since iemguis don't have a classwide tag for the object you can't get tooltips for them (only for their xlets)
unless you make a label and position it on top of the iemgui

Some things to be improved:
* if the canvas goes below the bottom of the screen the tooltip should probably be shown on the lowest 
part of the canvas still showing
* delay for the tooltip (dis)appearance could probably be tweaked
* the "Edit mode" finger pointer has to be a little bit above the xlet to trigger the activeborder.  Also, you can 
still be pointing at the activebordered xlet but not be over a hotspot that would trigger drawing a connection, 
which is annoying.
* Something like [osc~] takes a float or signal to its left inlet, but it'd also be nice to display what those data 
types are supposed to mean in the context of the object.  So instead of:

"Inlet 0 of osc~: float signal"

Something like

"Inlet 0 of osc~ (frequency): float signal"

Not sure how to change the PDDP tag to accommodate that:

INLET_0 float signal



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