[PD] building Pd-ext/GEM for Windows

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jan 24 09:30:18 CET 2012

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On 2012-01-23 21:54, rolf meesters wrote:
> hi,
> still busy with my PIII's.
> trying to build a Pd-ext without SSE2 for Windows.
> following the Pd-webpage for it.
> (i guess there's not an easier way to go)
> i got stuck in ./building-libs-on-mingw.sh

building Gem on mingw is _highly_ experimental and _only_ works with a
recent git checkout.

there is close to zero chance that you can compile an older version of
Gem (e.g. the latest and greatest stable release 0.93.3) with anything
but visualstudio.

even then it is a big nightmare to setup (at least for me who barely
uses w32 and/or it's development environment) - if you need anything but
the core functionality.

if you can live without font support and the plugins for image (image
loading, video loading, movie loading) acquisition work (they _might_
work on P3, but of course i never tested) or you can do without them, it
should be fairly easy to compile:
- - edit the file "configNT.h" (you should find that in your project
browser under Gem/config/ or Gem/Gem/ or Gem/Base/) by commenting out
all defines about FTGL (that's probably only one at the beginning of the
- - open the solution file matching your compiler best (e.g.
./build/win-vs2008/Gem.sln should work if you have VisualStudio-2008; if
you have a newr IDE just pick the most recent and upgrade the project)
- - remove all libraries with "ftgl" or "freetype" in their name from the
project settings (linker input).
- - to turn off SSE2 support, go (again) to the project preferences, go
the C/C++|Preprocessor and remove __MMX__ and __SSE2__
- - under C/C++|Codegeneration disable SIMD extensions
- - recompile the "Gem" project (recompiling the entire solution most
likely won't work if you don't have the dependencies for all thos
plugins installed in the right places)

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