[PD] building Pd-ext/GEM for Windows

rolf meesters rolfmeesters at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 23:05:18 CET 2012

building Gem on mingw is _highly_ experimental and _only_ works with a

> recent git checkout.
> there is close to zero chance that you can compile an older version of
> Gem (e.g. the latest and greatest stable release 0.93.3) with anything
> but visualstudio.
> even then it is a big nightmare to setup (at least for me who barely
> uses w32 and/or it's development environment) - if you need anything but
> the core functionality.
> if you can live without font support and the plugins for image (image
> loading, video loading, movie loading) acquisition work (they _might_
> work on P3, but of course i never tested) or you can do without them, it
> should be fairly easy to compile:
> - - edit the file "configNT.h" (you should find that in your project
> browser under Gem/config/ or Gem/Gem/ or Gem/Base/) by commenting out
> all defines about FTGL (that's probably only one at the beginning of the
> file)
> - - open the solution file matching your compiler best (e.g.
> ./build/win-vs2008/Gem.sln should work if you have VisualStudio-2008; if
> you have a newr IDE just pick the most recent and upgrade the project)
> - - remove all libraries with "ftgl" or "freetype" in their name from the
> project settings (linker input).
> - - to turn off SSE2 support, go (again) to the project preferences, go
> the C/C++|Preprocessor and remove __MMX__ and __SSE2__
> - - under C/C++|Codegeneration disable SIMD extensions

great iohannes, thanks.
a few points:

 afaik the P3 has MMX & SSE & SIMD, why take this out?

 to get going i started with the git-clone

git clone git://pd-gem.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pd-gem/Gem

is this 93.3?

 at a first try: m_pd.h  & pthread.h & sched.h were missing in the
i took them from the pd sources (0.43).

 compiling only GEM gives a number of warnings. especially this one looks
not right:

..\..\src\Gem\glew.cpp(247) : warning C4273: '__glewCopyTexSubImage3D' :
inconsistent dll linkage
        d:\gem\src\gem\glew.h(12022) : see previous definition of

because it's given >2000 times, for every code that has to be glew'd.
 i guess there is some parameter for Windows not ok, but which one where?

is it eventually possible to use the recompiled GEM-93.3 in combination
with Pd-ext 42.5?
(still talking about Windows). i noticed before that GEM-93.3 needs a
PthreadVC.dll which is not included in 42.5.

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