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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jan 25 09:25:51 CET 2012

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On 2012-01-24 23:05, rolf meesters wrote:
> great iohannes, thanks.
> a few points:
> --
>  afaik the P3 has MMX & SSE & SIMD, why take this out?

it does not come with SSE2 so you should take this out.

> --
>  to get going i started with the git-clone
> git clone git://pd-gem.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pd-gem/Gem
> is this 93.3?

it is everything since Gem was checked into a public repository.
with an ordinary git clone you get the full history (in this case, back
to Gem-0.87 in 2002)

the default branch is "master" which is where current development is
going on (that is: it's unstable)
if you are feeling less adventurous, checkout the 0.93 branch which will
currently be 0.93.3 (+ some minor bugfixes that did not make it into a
0.93.4 release yet)

> --
>  at a first try: m_pd.h  & pthread.h & sched.h were missing in the
> git-clone;

no they are not missing.
they are not part of Gem, so they do not come with Gem.

> i took them from the pd sources (0.43).

you should remove those files from your Gem directory and instead add
the path to Pd to your "additional include paths" and "additional
library paths" in the project settings.

Gem make some guesses where it could find those headers, but since there
is no consistent install directory on w32 those guesses will more likely
be wrong than correct.

> --
>  compiling only GEM gives a number of warnings. especially this one looks
> not right:
> ..\..\src\Gem\glew.cpp(247) : warning C4273: '__glewCopyTexSubImage3D' :
> inconsistent dll linkage
>         d:\gem\src\gem\glew.h(12022) : see previous definition of
> '__glewCopyTexSubImage3D'
> because it's given >2000 times, for every code that has to be glew'd.
>  i guess there is some parameter for Windows not ok, but which one where?

fortunately it is only a warning and not an error.
so you can safely ignore it (at least that's what i did the last few
afaik this should be fixed in the master branch (either in
commit:ba9e4623d61aff41 or in commit:69519ea2c27c8f1, some 10 days ago)

> --
> is it eventually possible to use the recompiled GEM-93.3 in combination
> with Pd-ext 42.5?

yes, there shouldn't be a problem.

the Gem that comes with PdX is not build for PdX: instead i turn on my
w32 build machine, create a binary (compiled against Pd-vanilla), and
upload it to gem.iem.at; hans then downloads it and includes it into the
Pd-extended installers.

> (still talking about Windows). i noticed before that GEM-93.3 needs a
> PthreadVC.dll which is not included in 42.5.

it's the pthread implementation used by Pd-vanilla.
you could either use that or change the linker to use the pthread
implementation used by PdX.


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