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Several of the acts and installations will be using PD

*Network Music Festival // 26-29th January // The Edge, Digbeth, Birmingham*


*Birmingham’s first Network Music Festival presents **hi-tech music
performances from local and international artists.*

On 27-29th January 2012 the first Network Music
Festival<http://networkmusicfestival.org>will showcase some of the
most innovative UK and international artists
using networking technology. Presenting a broad spectrum of work from
laptop bands, to live coding, to online collaborative improvisation, to
modified radio networks, audio-visual opera and iPhone battles, Network
Music Festival will be a weekend of exciting performances, installations,
talks and workshops showcasing over 70 artists!

Network Music Festival are working alongside local organisations Friction
Arts <http://www.frictionarts.com/>, SOUNDkitchen<http://soundkitchenuk.org>,
BEAST <http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/facilities/BEAST/index.aspx>, Ort
Cafe<http://ortcafe.co.uk/>and The
Old Print Works <http://makeitzone.org/> and
PST/Kismet<http://pst-club.co.uk/>in order to bring this new and
innovative festival to Birmingham.

With 20 performances, 5 installations, 5 talks and a 2 day work Network
Music Festival will be a vibrant and diverse festival presenting musical
work where networking is central to the aesthetic, creation or performance
practice. Acts include: Live-coding laptop quartet Benoit and the
algorithmic music duo
transatlantic network band Glitch
Lich <http://networkmusicfestival.org/programme/performances/glitch-lich/>(UK/USA)
and home grown laptop bands
BiLE <http://networkmusicfestival.org/programme/performances/bile/>(Birmingham
Laptop Ensemble) and
BEER <http://networkmusicfestival.org/programme/performances/beer/>(Birmingham
Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research) as well as many
more <http://networkmusicfestival.org/programme/> local, UK, European and
international acts programmed from our OPEN
CALL<http://networkmusicfestival.org/open-call/>for performances,
installations and talks.

If that’s not enough, we’ll be kicking off the festival early on Thursday
26th January with a pre-festival
in collaboration with local sound-art collective SOUNDkitchen
which showcases some of Birmingham best electronic acts, Freecode, Juneau
Brothers and Lash Frenzy as well as one of SOUNDkitchen’s own sound

There’s also an opportunity for you to get involved as we’re running a 2
day workshop <http://networkmusicfestival.org/programme/workshops/> on
‘Collaborative Live Coding Performance’ led by members of the first live
coding band [PB_UP] (Powerbooks Unplugged).

Tickets are available from
www.brownpapertickets.com.<http://www.brownpapertickets.com>Day and
weekend passes available £5-£25. Workshop £20.

For more information visit our website:
networkmusicfestival.org<http://livepage.apple.com/>and follow us on
@NetMusicFest <http://twitter.com/NetMusicFest>. To tweet about the
festival use the hashtag # NMF2012. We also have a facebook page:

*Network Music Festival // 27-29th January 2012 // The Edge, 79-81
Cheapside, Birmingham, B12 0QH*

Web:networkmusicfestival.org <http://www.soundkitchenuk.org>

Twitter: @NetMusicFest <http://twitter.com/NetMusicFest> Hashtag: #NMF2012

Facebook: www.facebook.com/networkmusicfestival<http://www.facebook.com/soundkitchenuk>

Email: networkmusicfestival at gmail.com
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