[PD] building Pd-ext/GEM for Windows

rolf meesters rolfmeesters at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 18:15:09 CET 2012


> > LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input
> file'Files\pd\bin;\msvc\Build;\win32_vcpp\Build;\objs /DLL /MANIFEST
> /MANIFESTFILE:d:\Gem-do-2\build\win-vs2008\\Debug\Gem.dll.intermediate.manifest
> /MANIFESTUAC:level='asInvoker'.obj'
> >
> > my building environment not right?
> >
> dunno, but the "Files\pd" indicates that "C:\Program Files\pd" was split
> at the space.
anyhow, would you mind building "Release"? that's the configuration i
> use when building (and which i used to build 3 days ago)
sure. by Release you mean the 93.3.(?)
i took it from the Gem page. the date is 20111110.

upgraded the vs2003 to 2008
build only GEM:
"LNK1104 cannot open file "libjpeg.lib"

probably this should be in Gemlibs which is not part of the package.
the notes i found about Gemlibs did not point to a 'solution'.

a link on the page: "what libraries does GEM use?" to simtel.net
takes forever to respond at a download request.

sorry if it starts to be annoying, but i really would appreciate a good
ending of this efforts.

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