[PD] building Pd-ext/GEM for Windows

rolf meesters rolfmeesters at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 15:34:23 CET 2012

> what to do next, just copy & replace in the installed Pd?

> for instance.
> you could also try to point Pd'd path to the location of the new Gem.dll
> (make sure to add it before the path to the old Gem)
> or open cmd, cd into the build directory and run pd.com from there.
> > (of course i tried already: "gem.dll couldn't load")
> run with "-verbose" and see whether it searches at the right place.
> is there some other output?
> also try to run pd.com from cmd, and see whether something interesting
> is printed to the console.
the loader finds the gem.dll alright, but the next line it says: "couldn't
load", nothing more.
seems it finds something wrong with the dll.
to test i replaced the 'original' dll in pd/extra/Gem with the build one.
i tried on different machines, different Pd's (42.5 & 43.1).
did build from git.../pd-gem/Gem and also from the release of 93.3.
always the same result.
(building is done on a P4)

> >
> > btw isn't the imegjpeg plugin also needed for working with .jpg files?
> obviously.
> you should try to run the gem_imageJPEG.dll from the release besides the
> new Gem.dll
> unfortunately i noticed that the plugins are compiled with SSE2 enabled
> as well. but since they don't use any SSE2 specific code (so the
> binaries will only contain SSE2 code autogenerated by the compiler), i
> hope that they will still be runnable under a PIII.

if not, i will have to start a compilation myself :-(
if it's only about me and the GEM patch i'm trying to run on the PIII's:
i just saw:
by accident on one of the PIII's i have PdX-42.5 with Gem 92.3 compiled for
the patch works with jpg files.
half of it goes well.
what doesn't is a pix_alpha which creates a partly transparent window
inside the GEM-window, like a frame around a picture.
i'm thinking about a work-around for that.
i'll let you know as soon as i have it.
then there's no urgency for a SSE2-less Windows version.

thanks sofar
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