[PD] [expr $f1 if...] bug?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Jan 31 17:32:07 CET 2012

Le 2012-01-31 à 16:07:00, Jonghyun Kim a écrit :

> Dear List, I found a bug: When I put this expressions, pd shut down... 
> What's the problem?

[expr] only supports 9 or 10 outlets at the same time, maximum, but this 
is not verified by [expr], which should just tell you about the limit, 
instead of crashing, and it's also not documented in the help.

[#expr] does not have this limitation. You may find this external in 
GridFlow 9.13 or 9.14. The number of outlets is basically unlimited. (I 
don't recommend using the one that is in GridFlow 9.12)


You could also simply use several [expr] at once.

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