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Mon Jan 2 07:34:30 CET 2012

resources when redrawing is required. A passive slider doesn't require a
lot of CPU (if at all), but it does when you move it. The more complex the
GUI element, the more power is required. One typical use of GUI you want to
avoid if your machine has limited resources is long arrays that would be
redrawn all the time (like in an oscilloscope).


2012/2/8 Jean-Marie Adrien <jma at>

> Hello list
> reading everywhere that GUI takes enormous amount of CPU.
> More precisely : does a GUI element, say a slider monitoring a signal,
> require lots of CPU in anycase -even when for instance it is invisible
> somewhere deep in a subpatch-,  or is it requiring lots of CPU only when
> displayed in front window ?
> JmA
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