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Mon Jan 2 07:34:30 CET 2012

urces when redrawing is required. A passive slider doesn't require a lo=
t of CPU (if at all), but it does when you move it. The more complex the GU=
I element, the more power is required. One typical use of GUI you want to a=
void if your machine has limited resources is long arrays that would be red=
rawn all the time (like in an oscilloscope). <br>
<br>Pierre.<br><br><div class=3D"gmail_quote">2012/2/8 Jean-Marie Adrien <s=
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Hello list<br>
reading everywhere that GUI takes enormous amount of CPU.<br>
More precisely : does a GUI element, say a slider monitoring a signal, requ=
ire lots of CPU in anycase -even when for instance it is invisible somewher=
e deep in a subpatch-, =A0or is it requiring lots of CPU only when displaye=
d in front window ?<br>

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