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Mon Jan 2 07:34:30 CET 2012

objects for all our needs with the ggee/image being one notable =
exception that has been also updated and cleaned-up for this release, =
including support for moving with tag.

To give you some perspective just what kind of a difference this makes =
performances-wise, make a gop object that has iemgui/vanilla objects =
only, and then create another with the ggee/button object (for instance) =
and observe the difference. For a really fun experience try running =
pd-l2ork with -d 1 debugging enabled to see the console printout =

Hope this helps!

P.S. if there is an exhaustive list of 3rd party gui externals and their =
breakdown between those that are well supported and those that are not, =
this would be particularly helpful as I could then try to tackle them =
one-by-one until they've all been revamped. NB: text objects and other =
3rd party externals that don't have custom guis are supported out-of-box =
even prior to the aforesaid fix.

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