[PD] Analog square wave?

Vincent Kaschner kostrowitzky at gmx.de
Mon Feb 6 18:25:47 CET 2012

> Dear List,
> I need a square wave to use as an LFO in a ring mod patch. Though i could
> simply use [expr~ $v1>0.5], I m wondering if I could get a smoother square
> wave. I tried to use a bandlimited square wave, but I don't have enough
> harmonics and the top of the wave isn't flat enough. Incidentally, what do
> analog square waves from old synths look like? Anyway, I think i want a
> square wave with no jumps between 0 and 1.
> Cheers!
> Pierre.

Do you think a wave file of an analog square could be helpful?

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