[PD] robotcowboy 2.0

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Tue Feb 7 10:53:24 CET 2012

Long live!
good to hear the project is moving on as you wanted..
look forward to seeing it live!


> Howdy all,
> Sorry I haven't been active on the list for a while. School gets in the
> way.
> As robotcowboy debuted at PD Con 07 and finished at PD Con 11, I'm happy
> to announce to you all:
> robotcowboy is dead. Long live robotcowboy!
> Change is good and it's time for robotcowboy 2.0.
> I'm rebuilding the system in an OpenFrameworks app using libpd. Think of
> it as an RjDj on steroids with a visual engine running lua scripts. I put
> together a wearable alpha version last weekend that was demoed at
> arthackday in Brooklyn running on an iPad 2.
> As part of the documentation, I wrote up a quick overview on robotcowboy
> and why I'm working on refreshing it:
> http://robotcowboy.com/news/robotcowboy-2-0
> I hope to use it at the next Pd Con. See ya there!
> --------
> Dan Wilcox
> danomatika.com
> robotcowboy.com
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