[PD] [PD-announce] PD externals with Faust Online Compiler

yann orlarey orlarey at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 17:48:49 CET 2012


We have recently redesigned the Faust website (http://faust.grame.fr) and
its online compiler (http://faust.grame.fr/index.php/online-examples). It
is now possible to generate Pure Data externals for Linux, Mac OSX and

Here is how to proceed :
- click on "online examples" in the main menu
- (the first visit you have an help window, close it).
- choose an example in the catalog, for instance Synthesizers/karplus32
- (customize the faust code to your needs)
- click on tab "C++ code"
- select "puredata" in the architecture menu
- click on tab "Exec File" (can take several seconds to compile the code)
- and then press the download button and unzip the content somewhere in
your PD path.

If you are using Firefox or Chrome you can directly drag and drop faust
files from your desktop to compile them. You can also upload your own
examples in the user sections to share them.

If you have problems let me know...


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