[PD] robotcowboy 2.0

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Feb 12 04:49:45 CET 2012

Le 2012-02-06 à 20:31:00, Dan Wilcox a écrit :

> robotcowboy is dead. Long live robotcowboy! Change is good and it's time 
> for robotcowboy 2.0. I'm rebuilding the system in an OpenFrameworks app 
> using libpd. Think of it as an RjDj on steroids with a visual engine 
> running lua scripts. I put together a wearable alpha version last 
> weekend that was demoed at arthackday in Brooklyn running on an iPad 2. 
> As part of the documentation, I wrote up a quick overview on robotcowboy 
> and why I'm working on refreshing 
> it: http://robotcowboy.com/news/robotcowboy-2-0

Can we get a nonblurry picture too ?

I'm downloading all those pixels and I think I'm getting swindled on the 
dearth of high-frequency harmonics in the ROI (Region of Interest).

If you can't provide actual high-resolution details, try drawing a 32x32 
icon of the same thing for greater efficiency.

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