[PD] Fwd: [PD-dev] New snapshot of pd-l2ork available -- feedback appreciated

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sun Feb 12 18:22:19 CET 2012

> Thanks a lot!
> Ivica, what about using this for backtrace?
> http://code.google.com/p/backtrace-mingw/

It is not necessary. It is a matter of making sure you use proper build system. The current code should build just fine on Windows (although I never tried it) as its build system is based on Pd-extended which also builds for Windows. The problem does not lie therefore in backtracing but rather revamping pd.tk to circumvent fixes and improvements that do not take into account OSs other than Linux. Some work has been already done with this in the early days when I was working on having these improvements submitted upstream. Also, understand that while pd.tk is on paper one version behind latest 0.43 tcl implementation, it also has plenty of improvements that do not exist in 0.43, so in some respects is ahead of curve (but is also behind in terms of code-cleanliness). At some point those may have to be reconciled (likely once 0.43 branch is rock solid tcl-wise (which may be already the case), I find enough time to do this, and a reason to do it).

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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