[PD] wiimote report

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 20:29:51 CET 2012

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>>  I thought I saw a comment in your code that said it only handled one
>>  controller.
>>  -Jonathan
> It's been a while since I edited the source and/or tested more than one 
> wiimote per computer. It may be just a leftover comment. Also, I think this is 
> in part because each wiimote would have its own instance (one wiimote object per 
> connection, which makes sense from the visual perspective). Let me investigate 
> and I'll let you know...

Sounds good.  If it turns out your class can handle the same number of wiimotes as 
the other wiimote class, are there any other functional differences that would warrant the 
existence of two wiimote classes?


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