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>>  > I thought I saw a comment in your code that said it only handled one
>>  > controller.
>>  >
>>  > -Jonathan
>>  It's been a while since I edited the source and/or tested more than one
>>  wiimote per computer. It may be just a leftover comment. Also, I think this
>>  is in part because each wiimote would have its own instance (one
>>  wiimote object per connection, which makes sense from the visual
>>  perspective). Let me investigate and I'll let you know...
> Just checked the code and it seems at some point I hardwired it to only one 
> wiimote at a time. I changed a MAXWIIMOTES define to support up to 16 (which is 
> a completely arbitrary number I haven't tested), recompiled it, and it 
> connected 2 without problems. I suspect it will connect many more before 
> hardware/drivers gives out...

Cool.  I guess the other question is this: does the threading stuff in your class solve 
a problem with dropouts that still exists in the other wiimote class?  Can you put 
together a demo patch that would cause dropouts on the old wiimote class before 
you revised it, but which doesn't cause dropouts in your revised wiimote class?  Then 
someone using the other wiimote class can test to see if they get dropouts.  (Unfortunately 
I don't have a wiimote so I can't test.)

Also, could the person who has six wiimotes test with Ivica's class and see if there are 


> Best wishes,
> Ico

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