[PD] Pd-extended can't see $0-arrays ???

Фывапр Олджэвич tofuckof at inbox.ru
Tue Feb 14 04:33:05 CET 2012

Hi, list !

Pd-extended  version 0.42.5 and Windows 7.

Why can't I create Arrays with names like    " $0-tab " ? 

So i can actually create, but can't write into it. 

PD writes " error: 0-tab: no such table "  It doesn't see $ ?? 

so i rename the array to  "  0-tab " .  and now can write to it via message [ read -resize $1 $0-tab ( 

but the table is   "  0-tab " - not   " $0-tab " . So it is not unique inside-name ... 

And i can't use the sampler as multi abstraction - i get crosstalks.. 

it is written in tutorials that i can name the table with $0-names ... but PD seems doesn't understand such array names.. 

so what to do if i need 50 samplers working each by it's own with unique samples ??? 

a bug maybe ?

Tanks in advance for help !! 


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