[PD] error: vbap: no method for 'loudspeaker-matrices'

Christoph Kuhr christoph.kuhr at web.de
Tue Feb 14 16:05:01 CET 2012

Hi list,

im running pd-extended 42.5 on linux mint 11 amd64. its a clean 
installation and after some searching , hacking and stuff i got 
define_loudspeakers compiled against amd64.
the define_loudspeakers object turned from red to normal and the vbap 
object now has its 4 in- and outlets.

but when i want to use define_loudspeakers with a vbap module, pd complains:

error: vbap: no method for 'loudspeaker-matrices'


i tried to place vbap.pd_linux and define_loudspeakers.pd_linux in 
/usr/lib/pdextended/extra/vbap as well as in my workspace folder... same 


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