[PD] save search path 0.43 OSX

Joson Android joson.android at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 18 19:17:28 CET 2012

Dear List!

i love pd-extended-0.43 !! but i cannot add any search path in the prefferences. It will show my new settings right when i make changes but wont save anything. It prints "ripts/../extra/mapping: no such object" in the pd-window. It works in pd-extended-0.42.5 . Should there be a file where pd saves the path? Where is it?
Also, when i make changes in 0.42.5, 0.43 will know about them on next startup.

I use OSX10.6.7 and the latest autobuild of xi386 version of 0.43.1-extended.

Maybe it is the fault of chaotic me and chaotic computer, so i deleted all old versions of pd, but that didn't help...


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