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> Le 2012-02-11 à 13:58:00, Ivica Ico Bukvic a écrit :
>> JUCE is amazing in terms of gui speed-up. Just check out bundled demos that 
> come with the sdk... Half of Gem could be easily reimplemented using JUCE sdk...
> Looks nice, but the window border of JuceDemo is weird. JuceDemo disables the 
> WM-made border, and puts its own border, which doesn't seem to interpret 
> «Maximise» the same way that the WM does, and is perhaps even buggy.

From what I remember JUCE would by default give you pixel-exact UI down to the 
window border on every platform, at the expense of native-widgets/dialog-boxes/etc. 
for that specific OS.  Well, maybe you can get native widgets if you want, but I don't 
think you can get native window borders/dialog boxes/etc.


> And what would be the cause of JUCE being slow on some computers ? I don't 
> think that it would be acceptable that JUCE be mysteriously slow on some 
> computers that aren't even old (if that's really what's happening).
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