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> Le 2012-02-20 à 16:10:00, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>>  I could ameliorate the problem by setting a minimum value for the 
> -wraplength of the tk label for the tooltip.
> You can't ameliorate a big rock by walking around it...

No but I can make the effects of the problem less drastic 
by walking around the rock (instead of turning around and 
going home).

> the <<Loaded>> virtual event system still won't work.


> To have a «level 3» event, it needs to be triggered by a sys_queuegui() that 
> happens after every sys_queuegui() that came from loading the patch. The last 
> sys_queuegui() will call sys_vgui() with a Tk command for sending a synthetic 
> event, and that command will only be eval'd after every other sys_vgui() 
> command related to loading the patch.

That is getting deeper into the Pd guts than I've gone.  Does this mean putting a 
sys_queuegui() after sys_vgui("pdtk_canvas_getscroll .x%lx.c\n", x) in canvas_map?


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