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On Feb 20, 2012, at 7:10 PM, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

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>> Le 2012-02-20 à 13:54:00, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>>> And it doesn't quite work.  The <<Loaded>> virtual event 
>> will trigger before Tk is actually finished drawing the patch window.
>> Well, there are four possible distinct meanings of « finished loading » that 
>> could be helpful :
>> 1. the patch has finished loading in the «server»... the t_canvas objects have 
>> been created, their subobjects have been loaded if they're stored in files, 
>> the .x76543210 receive symbols exist, so Tk can send to them. [initbang] has 
>> been run (some dynamic patching depends on it).
>> 2. [loadbang] has also finished running. This means that all the rest of the 
>> load-time dynamic patching is done, and the patch's own init has all been 
>> run, so that you can start using the patch for real.
>> 3. all the sys_queuegui() calls related to this toplevel canvas have been done, 
>> and all sys_gui() calls have already gone through the sendbuf, the TCP 
>> connection, and have been eval'd. This means that all the Tk Canvas Items 
>> have been created, so that you can send to them, make stats about them, query 
>> their info, etc.
> Hm...
> I could ameliorate the problem by setting a minimum value for the -wraplength of the 
> tk label for the tooltip.  If I set it to be at least 150 pixels  then it would at least be 
> guaranteed to be legible for loadbanged tooltips (if unnecessarily scrunched for longer 
> tips).  This means that part of the tip could potentially be hidden in patches narrower 
> than 150 pixels, but if your patch is narrower than 150 pixels chances are other things 
> are hidden, too.  Not great but I can't think of another workaround.

Setting a minimum width makes sense to me as a workaround.  Its easy and there shouldn't be serious downsides.



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