[PD] C++ for reusable dsp lib - or better use C?

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 08:14:53 CET 2012

(To throw in a different take). I definitely like C++ more for ease of
interface.  Templated math functions and overloaded operators are just too
nice, the code looks so much better (at a user level).

There are also plenty of audio languages written in C++ - SuperCollider,
ZenGarden (which is coincidentally a rewrite of pd-core in C++), and Faust
are the first three that come to mind.  For graphics, there is both
openFrameworks and Cinder, which each use very different features of the

In the end, I think you should use the language with the features you wish
to use.  While you could build an OO language on top of C, it is
essentially a procedural language, so why bother when that is what C++ is

- rich
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