[PD] choosing your language at launch WAS: Japanese Pure Data book is out now.

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Fri Feb 24 22:56:50 CET 2012

I was updating pd-extended.git, so I threw in the new Japanese
translation :-).  I'll be sure to update it one last time before the
final release, so you can test it in a real build.

I'm all for choice with the language of the app, but it seems to me that
is something that the OS should handle.  So anyone who set their system
language to English will get Pd-extended in English.  For those who want
some mix of languages, then there is no standard technique that I know
of, and how you do it varies on each OS.  If someone wants to code this
for Pd-extended, patches are welcome.

For the geeks, you can select the language easily when launching Pd from
the terminal.  This is what I do for testing the language support:

$ export LANG=en
$ /usr/bin/pd-extended

  or on Mac OS X:

$ /Applications/Pd-extended/Contents/Resources/bin/pd

You can see the supported languages in the po/ folder inside Pd.


On 02/23/2012 11:54 PM, Seiichiro MATSUMURA wrote:
> Thanks.
> I finished Transifex work in Japanese 100%. Then I was surprised my
> partly inputs of Transifex in middle of Feb. is already reflected in
> 0.43.1-beta 20120223.
> However, it seems working automatic depends on system language of OSX, now.
> I think it would be nice if users can select language mode in
> Preferences, for example like Audacity's language setting. Because
> many Japanese users (especially geeks) already get used to the general
> English menu and interfaces.
> Of course, Japanese interfaces is truly helpful for Japanese Pd newbies.
> So languages selectable is the ideal.
> Cheers,
> Sei Matsumura
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> 2012/2/22 Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at at.or.at>:
>> That's great! I wish I could read it.  I love the idea of including the interviews and the PdCon report, it shows the multidimensionality of Pd.  Its not just software, but the community behind it as well.
>> To match this release, I think it would be nice to also have a complete Japanese translation of the Pd interface. To contribute, create an account on transifex and edit the Japanese translation in this webform:
>> https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/puredata/resource/templatepot/
>> .hc
>> On Feb 20, 2012, at 3:38 AM, Seiichiro MATSUMURA wrote:
>>> Dear list,
>>> The world first Japanese Pure Data book for sound programming will be
>>> published from BNN(Bug News Network) Inc. on 23rd Feb. 2012 in Japan.
>>> The title is "Pd Recipe Book -Sound Programming with Pure Data". This
>>> book is written for the programming newbies with the step by step type
>>> tutorials.
>>> If you know anybody who can read Japanese and hope to jump into the Pd
>>> world, please recommend this book.
>>> Web site (Japanese)
>>> "Pd Recipe Book -Sound Programming with Pure Data"
>>> http://www.bnn.co.jp/books/title_index/web/pd_recipe_book_pure_data.html#more
>>> I hope this become the starting point to spread Pd in Japan.
>>> best wishes,
>>> Sei Matsumura
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