[PD] 5.1 sound from quicktime video files

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 07:11:27 CET 2012


quick question a bit on a hurry ...

is there any way to get control over sound from three quicktime video
files in order to send each to a different output in a 5.1 video
system? I have three different video projections and need to position
each of the video sounds in a different area of the space.

as far as I understand this would be impossible as quicktime video
play in GEM does not offer any control over sound because only under
mac you get the sound played, and this is in fact just done by the QT
system and not by PD

if all this is not possible withing PD, any suggestions on how to
achieve this? I am thinking about launching the videos with for
instance VLC and routing the audio by some means into PD or something



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