[PD] OT - C++ for reusable dsp lib - or better use C?

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Sun Feb 26 00:05:43 CET 2012

On 2/25/12 2:49 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> On Feb 25, 2012, at 4:14 PM, Phil Stone wrote:
>> On 2/25/12 11:43 AM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
>>> Le 2012-02-25 à 12:32:00, patrick a écrit :
>>>> I wish I could code an external like he's coding:
>>>> http://vimeo.com/36579366
>>> you're not mentioning which part of this extremely long video you 
>>> are referring to, and this player does not allow skip-ahead, which 
>>> means I can't fast-forward faster than the download speed of the 
>>> whole thing. This is why I won't try to figure out what you mean.
>> It's well worth watching, all the way through. It was a "eureka" 
>> moment for me -- I now see the potential of "live-coding."
> I agree that instant feedback is very important, that's a big reason 
> why I use Pd.  I wonder if he's ever used Pd.  Pd has been providing a 
> lot of that experience for almost 2 decades now.  The one thing in it 
> that Pd does not provide is the ability to click on the generated 
> image in order to see which code is generating that part of the image. 
>  That would be a nice feature to have.  But I can't see how you would 
> generalize beyond drawing pictures.  Drawing with code is basically 
> the easiest realm to solve that particular problem, IMHO. How would 
> you click on the sound to see the code that is generating it?  How 
> would you click on a mail program, a network service, file encryption?

Visual representations of audio/music parameters are quite common 
(spectral plots, traditional and non-traditional notation, spatial 
controls, etc.). Having a two-way connection between graphical 
representations of audio/music and the underlying code would be quite 
useful and conducive to empirical experimentation.

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