[PD] OT - C++ for reusable dsp lib - or better use C?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Feb 26 19:38:05 CET 2012

Le 2012-02-25 à 17:49:00, Hans-Christoph Steiner a écrit :

> I agree that instant feedback is very important, that's a big reason why 
> I use Pd.  I wonder if he's ever used Pd.  Pd has been providing a lot 
> of that experience for almost 2 decades now.  The one thing in it that 
> Pd does not provide is the ability to click on the generated image in 
> order to see which code is generating that part of the image.  That 
> would be a nice feature to have.  But I can't see how you would 
> generalize beyond drawing pictures.

It can't even generalise to all images. There's an OpenGL feature whether 
if you get a mouse position, you can tell the OpenGL engine to find any 
geos that contain that (x,y) location while drawing the next frame. I 
forgot what the name is and I never used it.

But this can't possibly tell you anything about the construction of Gem 
pixes or GridFlow grids, in which solutions range from complicated to 
impossible, especially because a lot of objects modify all pixels in the 
image at once, but also because even for more localised edits of images, 
the objects currently don't track that info and it would take lots of work 
to make them do so... or create an image diff tool that would be very 

Most ~-objects also operate on the whole signal.

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