[PD] MIDI input problems in PD

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Sun Feb 26 22:11:11 CET 2012

Drat, I can't reproduce this yet... I don't have any real MIDI devices,
just USB keyboards that fake MIDI, so perhaps I need to track down an
old-fashioned MIDI device somewhere :)


On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 08:15:32PM +0100, Pierre-Olivier Boulant wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the same problem. It affects several computers running XP,
> Vista or Win7 and several Midi controllers; either connected to a
> RME multiface or through USB (Korg NanoPad / Berinhger BCR2000 or
> BCF2000 / Akai LPD8). Mostly using CC, hardly Midi-notes. And most
> of the time I go through Midi-Ox and a virtual midi port (midi yoke)
> to merge all controllers before sending to Pd. Midi-Ox checks for
> looping and should be able to prevent it and my patches try to limit
> looping and Midi data flow too.
> It does look like there is some overflow of the midi I/O buffers.
> I tend to limit the flow of data outgoing with [speedlim] and have a
> separate sessions of Pd for the control/GUI and audio with the
> audio/midi properties set differently between the two sessions.
> For me it happens after big rushes of data: if I instantiate all the
> parameters of a BCR2000 at once (over 100 parameters) at the same
> time as updating the GUI in Pd it's not that hard to overload the
> midi buffers and create this problem and it doesn't take two hours
> to crash then... :)
> And if you send a lot of stuff from the controllers too then it can
> lead to the same issue.
> I'm not sure it's only the flow of midi data, but it could be the
> Midi data plus a lot of processing in Pd, especially with GUI
> objects moving in response to the Midi input.
> Re-instantiating the Midi-settings seems to flush the buffers, but
> sometimes it takes a reboot to make the problem go away once
> everything is stuck.
> Cheers
> Pierre-Olivier
> On 26/02/2012 08:28, Ingo wrote:
> >I had the same problem with Windows XP and a RME Hammerfall DSP card using
> >only the normal [notein], [ctlin], [toutchin] and [pgmin] for a sampling
> >synth. I don't think it's the midi interface. RME has some of the best
> >drivers - very stable.
> >
> >Sometimes after a certain amount of time it started playing notes by itself
> >and didn't seem to stop anymore. It sounded like notes or melodies that I
> >had been playing before. Nothing random.
> >
> >Could it be possible that midi data is written into a buffer that does not
> >get emptied anymore? Then something might trigger reading out that buffer?
> >
> >I couldn't recreate why it happened. Most of the time it didn't do it but
> >every once in a while it did.
> >
> >I had no problem ever running Nuendo for days on that same machine
> >programming midi. The same Pd patch was doing fine on a Linux computer after
> >switching to Linux.
> >
> >Ingo
> >
> >
> >
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> >>I haven't seen this problem, but I have to admit I don't think I ever
> >>ran MIDI into a Windows machine for more than 2 hours at a time (back
> >>when I acually used MIDI Windows itself wasn't stable enough to run for
> >>that long at a time :)
> >>
> >>It's hard to know whether this is the MOTU driver misbehaving in windows 7
> >>or something with Pd itself - my only suggestion would be to try either
> >>(1) switching interfaces to something more modern than 828MKII or (2)
> >>try using some other software to see if the problem is specific to PD.
> >>
> >>cheers
> >>Miller
> >>
> >>On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 11:03:32AM +0100, Villa Anna wrote:
> >>>Dear list,
> >>>
> >>>I have problems with Midi input in PD.
> >>>I use Windows 7 and make use of a Motu 828MKII soundcard.
> >>>I receive MIDI via a polytouchin object (make use of FSRs and a coridium
> >>>armmite to translate pressure on the FSRs to Midi messages).
> >>>All goes fine in the beginning, but sometimes after a while (f.e. 2
> >>hours)
> >>>my Midi input starts to be random (FSRs trigger that are not supposed to
> >>be
> >>>triggering). If I restart PD everything is back to normal. Any idea what
> >>>the cause of this problem might be?
> >>>It's an installation project so it is difficult to restart everything
> >>from
> >>>time to time.
> >>>
> >>>Thanks in advance for your help!
> >>>
> >>>Laura
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